A Family Business Since 1920

Broom’s Heating, Air Conditioning & Fireplaces serving Burlington, Oakville, Milton, Waterdown, Hamilton, Dundas, Grimsby, Stoney Creek and surrounding areas.

The founder, Mr. Bob Broom’s began providing homeowners with home comfort options in 1920. Around 1960’s, the Fitzsimmons family purchased Broom’s Plumbing, a large plumbing company with a site in downtown Burlington on the corner of James and Brant Street. Our relocation to 3440 Fairview Street in Burlington was in 1970 and later Broom’s took on a restructuring and no longer continued in plumbing and became the sales, installation and service company you now know today as Broom’s Heating, Air Conditioning & Fireplaces. We continue to take pride in our long history in Burlington and make every effort to satisfy our clients.

At Broom’s we are an experienced team with a long history in the industry. In working with our team you as a homeowner will be provided with a sales consultant who is professionally trained and licensed in the industry and is only there to listen to you, educate and sell you what you need and not there to upsell. He is exceptional at what he does and the friendliest guy around! We are a Company that is built on honesty. We do more than sell products, we help you make sure you’re choosing the right product for your home and we’ll install it and help you keep it running year after year. Our installation and service technicians are by far the best the industry has to offer. We have review after review to prove it and years of returning customers. They are industry trained, certified, licensed and criminal background checked as well as driver abstracts performed. All of our employees here at Broom’s are bonded.

We believe that whatever is done incorrectly will come back in the long run so doing it right the first time is our motto! That does not make us perfect but we stand by our homeowners and our work and we will always make it right! That takes us to our reliable customer service team. We have a variety of well-trained staff that will be here to help you with your home investment to keep it running at top performance. We have emergency service, repairs, maintenance plans, premium protection plans and a variety of other services for your home! The goal here at Broom’s is to provide you as a homeowner with a reliable, honest, local heating, air conditioning and fireplace company you know you can trust.

Offering World-class Products

With Best-in-class Service & Warranties

Years of Experience, backed by industry-leading guarantees.

A strong company will already have great customer relationships the bottom line is, your customer service team is often the face of your company, and customer’s experiences will be defined by the skill and quality of the support they receive.

We have been building relationships with our customers since Broom’s opened its doors in 1920 and will continue to build and grow these relationships. We know many of our customers by first name and have genuine care when you’re feeling uncomfortable whether that may be too hot, cold, too humid, or the air in your home may feel too dry.

We understand HVAC (heating, ventilation, air, conditioning) and our specialists are here to help you understand too and will do their best to explain and simplify the process whether your purchasing, servicing or repairing your home climate system. Our installation or service technicians are the top in their fields paired with genuine care for our customers and quality workmanship together with an industry leading guarantee at Broom’s you can rest assure you have invested in not only quality equipment but a Company that you can rely on for many years to come. We Take Care so You Take Comfort!

 Service Repairs

  • All residential and commercial service repairs on the same part comes with 1 year Broom’s labour warranty-if the problem is not fixed, call us back!
  • All residential and commercial service repairs on the same part comes with Manufacturer’s part warranty and will be accessed through the manufacturer’s we dealt with.

Residential Installations

  • Residential Equipment Installation 10-year Manufacturer's warranty on parts-we do the registration of your equipment here at Broom’s for you.
  • Residential Equipment Installation 2-10-year Manufacturer's warranty on parts and labour (depending on the product) is available-ask your sales consultant today!

Commercial Installations

  • Commercial Installation comes 1 year Broom’s labour warranty and Manufacturer’s warranty on parts.

Our Leadership & Customer Service Team


John Fitzsimons, President (905) 634-7701 ext. 14
40 Years Of HVAC Experience

Mike McPhee
Operations Manager

905-634-7701 ext.13

30+ years of experience in the HVAC field.

Linda Kush
Accounting Manager

905-634-7701 ext.12

35 years of experience in the Accounting.

Chris Elliott
Service Consultant

905-634-7701 ext. 10

Over 20 years Experience in Customer Service

Fabian Bortolotto
Sales Consultant

905-634-7701 ext. 11

35+ years of HVAC experience in installations, service & sales, gas fitters license, oil burners mechanic license, refrigeration license, propane license.