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Keep Heat and Humidity at a Manageable Level with Carrier TechnologyWhen it comes to comfort clichés, Carrier has heard them all. And when it comes to keeping you cool during the sweltering, sticky days of summer, two stand above the rest:    “It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity”    “...but it’s a DRY heat”humidity-level-in-homeThe truth of the matter is, high humidity does make you feel hotter and less comfortable.Here’...
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Why Carrier? They invented HVAC. Yes, really. Founder, Willis Carrier, invented modern air conditioning in 1902. And since then, we’ve continued to build on that legacy. We understand that homes have multiple purposes - kitchen tables are also home offices, spare bedrooms turn into gyms, and living rooms become entertainment centers. That’s why at Carrier, we develop smart features designed for the ways you actually live, work and play. Because no matter how you use it, your house wi...
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Older HVAC systems can be expensive to run—not only do they require more maintenance and repairs, but they aren’t as energy efficient as newer models. And while necessary, we know that upgrading your heating and cooling system may not come at the ideal time, and that cost plays a big role in what you replace it with. That’s why we’re here – to be a friendly, trusted resource to help you choose the best system for your home and life. The infographic below can help yo...
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Trying to decide what temperature to set your thermostat? You are not alone! Your thermostat settings not only affect your comfort, they can have a big impact on your utility bills as well. And while the ideal thermostat setting for your home is largely based upon personal preference, there are ways to achieve a comfortable balance between comfort and energy savings.
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1. LET THE SUN SHINE INLet Mother Nature bring the heat at no cost to you by opening blinds in rooms with plenty of exposure to the sun. Then, close the blinds at night to reduce the chill you may feel when the sun goes down.2. TURN DOWN THE HEATThe easiest way to save on your heating bill is to turn down the heat to the lowest setting you are comfortable with. According to, turning the temperature down an additional 10 - 15° F for 8 hours while you are sleeping or away can help s...
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